Pregnancy can put a strain on the body with the constant change in posture as the baby starts to grow. Massage can help to relieve aches and pains and other common health problems experienced during pregnancy.

Massage provides a special time for the client to unwind and helps the women focus on their body and their baby. Massage is good for baby too. Research has shown that the unborn baby can be affected by the stress levels experienced by its mother. Towards the end of pregnancy many women find that there is plenty to do preparing for baby’s arrival but it is also an important time for mum to relax and enjoy the last weeks of carrying their baby.

Being a mother myself  I know how massage was of major benefit during my pregnancy. An onging back problem meant that I needed regular treatments, especially towards the end. A sense of deep relaxation and relief from aches and pains was the most extradinary thing I have experienced.

Physiological Changes

Women suffer from a number of problems during pregnancy. The most common are – Lower back pain, swelling of hands and feet, Headaches, Calf cramps, Insomnia/Fatigue, Sciatic Pain, Sinus congestion, Muscular stiffness and cramp, Mood swings.

Musculo-Skeletal System

Postural changes are unfortunately ineviatable during the amazing growing phase of the baby so areas of the body that are under the most strain are the hips/buttocks/thighs. the majority of the extra weight is distributed around the abdominal area which can cause the womens centre of gravity to shift forward(picture of posture) The body compensates for this extra weight by the natural curve of the spine becoming exaggerated, particularly in the lumbar region which causes the common problem of lower back pain. In addition the hips may expand laterally(across) to help stabilise the body, putting pressure on the sacroiliac joints. Due to these changes muscles will be stretched and may become sore and tense.


No two pregnancy’s are the same so every individual client will need to have a 15 min consultation. This is compulsory as a thorough Health screen will need to be completed and with the consent of the client consult Doctor for clearance to proceed with massage.

There are certain Medical conditions that whilst pregnant and having Massage would be inappropriate. The Health Screen completed during consultation would identify this.

Pregnany is categorised into 3 trimesters and these are important in Massage terms.

1st Trimester 1-13 weeks –  As there is risk of miscarrage during this period I feel it is best to wait unless your doctor says otherwise.

2nd Trimester 14-26 weeks – It is still posible to massage in a supine and prone position but baby can expand more rapidly so certain cases if this happens then a side lying position is adopted earlier than necessary.

3rd trimester 26-40 weeks – side lying or seated massage only

How long is a treatment? For the 1st treatment allow 1hr 15mins. Follow up appointments can be between 1/2hr and 1hr depending on the individual.

What to wear? some thing you feel comfortable in. During the treatment I always use appropriate draping techniques.

How do i lie on the couch? After the 2nd Trimester a sidelying position is adopted. It allows you to lie for a longer period of time comfortable. the use of bolsters, cushions and towles are used to achieve this.(pic of side lying positions)

Just seize every opportunity you have, embrace every experience. Make a mark, for all the right reasons.

Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits