Anyone can learn the basics of using a foam roller especially with YouTube videos but not everyone learns the same way.

As I am a Fitness Instructor I have always strived to teach correct technique in everything I do and I am passionate about making sure that you get the best possible chance at getting it right. This is why I decided to offer Bespoke Foam Rolling Master Classes.

So why a bespoke class?

Well, it’s easy to forget how to use a roller if you are not using it little and often and understanding how you can help yourself much more when you get a niggle or a reoccurring problem. I work closely with only 3 in a class.

There are always multi positions for treating any area and YouTube clips can’t always show this. Being in the room adjusting people’s position on the roller is far more effective.

Identifying muscles or landmarks on the body can help find the area you need to start rolling from. Focus on typical problematic areas of the body Education is such a part of this class. Hopefully, you will go away with much more confidence and knowledge.

Classes take place at my Innsworth Clinic in Gloucester on a weekday evening. I provide all equipment needed.

Class price is £18 per person.

Please call for further information, alternatively you can email me.

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Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits