Learning 6 techniques for a ScarWork workshop in September 2019 with a real life clinic and working on clients with scars helped greatly to expand my knowledge and so then decided to take on the full course in March 2020. Since then I have followed Emma Holly through her change from teaching Sharon Wheelers ScarWork courses to now running her own course Restore Therapy

Not every scar needs help but most scars that are causing pain, restriction can and do respond extremely well. Did you know that it takes 18-24 months for a scar to heal fully.
Most scars can be worked on after 10weeks (or earlier depending on circumstances and consultant letter)and on much older scars.
I have had work on my own scar and felt a massive shift in more movement through my shoulder and chest

Scar Therapy helps reduce pain, increase function, mobility and quality of life which has been effected by internal and external scars (regardless of the age of the scar).

The Scar Therapy method is a gentle, pain free treatment that encourages scar tissue to integrate with healthy surrounding tissue, encourages fluid exchange and hydration to the scar site. It breaks down adhesions and encourages movement in stress effected areas.

Quick guide – Benefits of ScarWork

  • Release tightening of the scar and local area
  • Improves mobility and function that has previously been    
  •    restricted by scaring
  • Reduces sensitivity and pain in and around scars
  • Restores sensation to previously numb scars
  • Supports emotional wellbeing through therapeutic touch
  • Improved appearance of the scar may also occur

ScarWork  treatment for a scar on wrist/forearm injury happened 40yrs ago 

October 2019 & March / September 2020  

I have had four treatments with Jane on a long scar on my forearm. The injury that caused the scar happened more than forty years ago. I was left with no feeling in two fingers and only partial and somewhat painful sensation on the palm. There has been no increase in sensation since the accident until these treatments. After the first session the painful electric sensation in the palm transformed into normal feeling. After the next two sessions I noticed that i had stopped dropping things with the affected hand. My wife is quite pleased about that! I have now completed my course of treatment and am noticing increased sensation in the previously numb fingers. This is far more progress than I could have hoped for.

Thanks so much Jane!

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Tim Notke